Sunday, March 04, 2007

When God Made Wogan

So it has emerged that Terry Wogan has been taking a fee for Children in Need. Gabby’s appalled and swears she won’t listen to Radio 2 again. I’m delighted. It gives me even more reasons to worship the man.

I mean how politically incorrect is it for someone to take a fee for a charity gig where they spend the whole night praising people who have lived a week in a bath of prunes to raise £15 for the little children? But why should he do it for free? Why should ‘talent’ give our services for nothing? Sod that for a wheelbarrow full of needy causes. Give me more selfishness.

The world is so full of charade, fakery, and old fashioned flummery, that Wogan and his fee stick are the perfect antidote to Al Gore and his carbon footprint the size of Texas. Wogan is the honesty missing when Prince Charles goes jetting across the world to pick up his environmental awards.

First thing tomorrow morning, I’m off to get a tshirt made with the slogan ‘Wogan does it for money’.

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