Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Things I Hope To Happen in 2008 Meme

Tagged by Trixie, I'm forced to break away of my exercise routine that is helping me to rapidly lose weight. For my first post of the New Year, here are the eight things that The Chipster would like to see happen in 2008.

And forgive me if a couple of them are very self-serving...

1. A certain book to be published in the Summer leaps to the top of the book charts where it stays for months as the whole county snaps it up, making one modest writer immodestly wealthy.
2. I find an literary agent interested in my comedy.
3. I manage to break out of the debt trap and earn a living (even if it’s moderate) doing what I’m happiest doing: writing things to amuse others.
4. The Other Richard Madeley manages to break out of the debt trap and earn a living doing what he enjoys doing: writing things to amuse others.
5. I find the passion to resume blogging.
6. The government realise how foolish it is to mistreat teachers and abandon all the foolish policies that keep the nation’s educators working until nine o’clock every night.
7. I learn to drive and abandon the bicycle from which I nearly fell under the wheels of a car this evening.
8. Leonard Cohen / Tom Waits / Nick Cave bring out a new album or Andy Kaufman stuns the world by revealing that he never died / Steve Martin returns to performing stand-up.

I hereby tag: Ms. Baroque, Dave Hill, Richard Madeley, Mopsa, and Nige.