Sunday, March 04, 2007

Take That 'Take That'

It’s a brief update tonight. If anybody asks, the jet lag finally caught up with me today and I slept away the good part of 24 hours. But before you say anything, I know there’s not much chance that anybody will ask you about my whereabouts but I’m just covering all possibilities. You see, Gabby’s been dropping bit hints all morning that I should buy tickets for the ‘Take That’ tour.

I only ask that you pity The Chipster. I’d rather have my manhood nailed to Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson’s wheelchair before pushing her down a sharp incline for the sake of Sports Relief than stay even a minute in the same auditorium as Take That. Only Gabby doesn’t seem to understand my feelings, which accounts for my keeping my head down and not leaving the bedroom.

Now it’s three o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep. But at least I’m not pestered to listen to another track from ‘Beautiful World’.


Realpolitik said...

I agree with you about Take That. An ex-girlfiend once made me sit through one of their videos (well, it's either that or Dirty Dancing isn't it?). It didn't last much longer than that. The tour is sold out now anyway.

But I do have a guilty secret. I bought "Promises", one of their first singles, before they were really famous, when I didn't know who they were. It is backed with "Do What You Like" which is the one with the saucy video where they get their kit off.

Chippy said...

Your secret is safe with me but please don't do it again. If you encourage Take That, they'll keep making records and innocent people will suffer.