Friday, March 09, 2007

No Longer Pink But In The Pink

I’ve finally had the extensions put in to cover the hair missing from my pony tail and while I was there, I had it all dyed back to it’s natural colour, though perhaps it’s a tone or too darker.

The result is that I’m cutting the mustard, as the saying goes, and all is well at Chipster central. It’s actually a blessing I’ve managed to regain my form so quickly. This morning, I had some good news. It’s been confirmed by the organisers of this year’s Welsh Thong Awards that I’ve been named the Top Thong for 2007, which as you will know, is one of the biggest awards in Welsh stripping.

This is a huge honour as it’s the second time I’ve won it. This time I feel like it is a real surprise. The first time I won, I'd worked so hard to establish my name in the minds of the judges, but with my injury last year, I’d not given it a thought. I’ve not even been doing the clubs that regularly. I understand that one of the judges saw my Neil Kinnock at the World Strippers Convention in Washington the other week and that tipped the balance.

Anyway, I want to dedicate this award it to everybody who has watched me dance in the last year but also to those people who have patronised this blog. Your support makes it easy for a man as humble as myself to slip off his clothes at a moment's notice.

The award ceremony is tomorrow night and I’ll be expected to give a speech, which will take some planning. It does mean that I also have to rush to get a suit ready and find my formal dress thong. I can't wait to see what Gabby will say. She loves these posh evenings when she can demonstrate how she can down a whole bottle of bubbly without spilling a drop. What a woman!


mutterings and meanderings said...

What, pray do tell, is a 'formal dress thong'?

Is it like a jewel-encrusted codpiece?

Chippy said...

Formal dress thong? I happen to be wearing mine now. Black thong, silk trim, and there's a loop on the front where you can hang a sword on ceremonial occasions. I understand Prince Charles has them hand made and owns hundreds.

Atyllah said...

"Top Thong" award... the mind boggles - just before the imagination fries the brain.

Arthur Clewley said...

I had never heard of that award chip, this blog is an education. before i came here the only such competition I knew of was the eurovision thong cont..

mutterings and meanderings, I hope you're not becoming corrupted by this man, I expect it's probably perfectly normal dress in bangor, a thong and one of those tall black hats.

Chippy said...

Arthur, I'm here to educate so I'm glad you're learning a few things. You are indeed right. I did wear a top hat, though it was white, which matched my whit tails and black thong.