Monday, March 26, 2007

A Brief Late Update

I’m sure it comes as something of a surprise to all of you who think my every day is a packed thong of worldly delight, but I had a very quiet Monday. The only thing to happen of any great note was Gabby announcing that she has been thinking of getting a tattoo of Lembit Opik riding a snake. I naturally talked her out of the whole silly business and I also sorted out yesterday’s disagreement.

One incidental note: I had a phone call today from Mike who runs the Green Dragon Tavern. He asked about my back and I’ve agreed to dance this weekend. He was also wondering why I’d ignored him today in the town centre. I explained I hadn’t been in the town centre, to which he sounded quite surprised as he swore that he’d spotted a pair of maroon hot pants. He laughed it off and said he was probably mistaken as it was hard to see them beneath the black raincoat the man was wearing.

I didn’t say a word but I clearly now have to ask the obvious question: has Reverend Hope taken to wearing my discarded hot pants?

Tomorrow I have my weekly FE lesson. I'll post details as soon as I get home.

1 comment:

Khylan Seriphyn said...

"...getting a tattoo of Lembit Opik riding a snake.."

Lol - should've take a snapshot of the tatoo and broadcast it on the net. Would be hilarious to see.