Monday, March 19, 2007

A Mysterious Weekend

I took in a new delivery of thermal thongs on Saturday but I’ve not had chance to inspect them. My mind has been too busy with the practicalities of building a home on a desert island.

Perhaps I should explain...

I’ve taken a couple of days away from both blogging and baby oil. Last week you might recall that my doctor told me to rest until my back began to feel better. Since I’ve had a busy few weeks, what with my trip to America, I took my doctor’s orders as my chance to take a break from the everyday struggles of maintaining a body fit for gyrating. That's why I kept to my bed where I’ve been reading ‘The Mysterious Island’ by Jules Verne. It has been a blissful weekend.

You might remember that in Washington, I discovered Jules Verne after my encounter with 'Bill' and his naked party guests. I'd holed myself up in my hotel room with a copy of ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ which I’d found in the lobby.

I finished that book on the flight back to the UK and immediately ordered another Verne classic from Amazon. Now I think it's time I proselytized about Verne and give him my fantastic Book Thong of the Month award for March.

‘The Mysterious Island’ is the story of five men (and their dog) who get stranded on a tropical island and it describes how they turn the island into a home. It’s probably not for everybody and I’m only on page 300, but I’m loving every page where the practical application of science is gradually transforming the island into something weird and wonderful. You see, so much that happens in the book involves turning natural resources into the things we take for granted. It’s an adventure of chemistry, physics, and human ingenuity much more than it’s a story about conflict between people. If you want to read a book where somebody makes nitrogycerine out of a couple of coconut shells, this is the book for you.

Now my back is feeling a little better, I’ll have to read fifty pages here and there as I have work to do. But if you’re going to take one book recommendation from a male stripper this month, make it ‘The Mysterious Island’.


Julia Buckley said...

Glad your back's better - if only so you don't post anymore beef and tomato pot noodle pics! I mean, everyone knows chicken and mushroom is far nicer.

Chippy said...

Oh Julia, a beef and tomato Pot Noodle is desperately perilous stuff. I wouldn't have touched it if my bad hadn't been too bad to cook. Things got so bad on Saturday afternoon I even found myself sucking the last of the tomato sauce from the sachet. The pain! The humiliation!

I've never tried the chicken and mushroom, though I'd be surpried if they contained either chickens or mushrooms.