Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm in Meme Hell!

I’ve been tagged to do three memes, which has thrown my day. I had planned to finish the novel, contact a publisher, sign contracts, attend book signings, and then later in the day, do some charity work and adopt a few Romanian orphans.

Instead, I'll have to answer these questions, which isn't that bad until it comes to nominating others to help spread the infection. I just hate imposing on people. And then there's all the linking to be done.

Anyway, the first two are from Steve at The Daily Referendum., which means I had to strike him from the Chipster's Christmas card list.

At this point, I'm supposed to give you instructions about how to implement the meme, but I don't do the whole rules thing. Bad for the back, don't you know? And not so good for the thong. So...

Eight Random Facts

1. I’m allergic to onions.
2. I once threw a bottle of salad cream at the fifth Doctor Who and was subsequently arrested and spent the night in prison.
3. I have no nail on the little toe of my right foot. It’s the only fault in the Chipster’s otherwise perfect body.
4. My brother has a blog but we never speak and I certainly won’t link to the bastard.
5. I was an extra in the first Muppet Movie. You can see me briefly after 1hr 37minutes. You can also see my brother but I’m not telling you where.
6. Photographs tend to make me look like a certain Lib Dem when in real life I’m much better looking.
7. I used my shaved body hair to fill pillows which I then donate to charities. They are very popular.
8. I live on less than £38 per week because I put all my thong money into the bank. I'm not a rich man.

I now tag: Mr. Baroque, RealPolitik at Alien Nation, Andrew at In Absentia, Mutterings and Meandering, and Rilly.

The second meme, I really can’t be bothered with answering sensibly. Who gives a hoot about Gordon Brown? The man not my Prime Minister. I didn't vote for him. So:

2 things Gordon Brown should be proud of:
– Opening dialogue with the Chinese.
– The legacy of the last ten years including not getting us blown up by the Chinese.

2 things he should apologise for:
– Harsh words said about the Chinese by the Prime Minister, the late Duke of Wellington.
– The BBC’s Chinese service

2 things he should do immediately when he becomes PM:
– Send the paramilitary wing of the Girl Guides deep into Chinese territory.
– Segregate Humberside and give it to the Chinese.

2 things he should do while he is PM:
– Keep one eye on those Chinese.
– Keep the other eye on the Chinese.

I'm suppose to pass this one on too, but you really wouldn't want to be tagged, would you? If you do, leave a comment and consider yourself tagged. Otherwise, let's allow the world's most boring meme to die a lonely death.

Okay, that's two done.

The final meme I should have replied to last week but circumstances meant that it completely slipped my mind. Sorry, Mutterings and Meandering.

What were you doing ten years ago?

Studying hard to become an engineer and help revitalise the British car industry.

What were you doing one year ago?

Five snacks you enjoy
Noodles, wafer biscuits, apples, bananas, anything containing sun dried tomatoes.

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics
Bridge Over Trouble Waters (Paul Simon), LA Woman (The Doors), Suzanne (Leonard Cohen), Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young), and Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene Part 2’

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Form a writing commune and not invite that bugger Rushdie.
Move to France.
Continue to write.
Visit the US and Cananda.
Meet interesting people who don’t know that I was a stripper.

Five bad habits
Yodelling, spontaneous nudity, speaking my mind, insulting fools, picking my teeth with my toes.

Five things you like doing
Writing, cycling, walking, dancing, writing.

Five things you would never wear again
Polyester, nappies, ladies clothes, an army uniform, a large luminous target.

Five favourite toys
My car, my home cinema, Buckaroo, Gabby, Gabby's crossbow,

And I have to tag five bloggers: Jan at The Devil's Pact, Ian at Shades of Grey, Mopsa, Trixy, and since that's only four, I have chance to send one of these back to Steve at The Daily Referendum. That'll teach him...

After all that, I need a coffee before I do something more productive with my time.


mutterings and meanderings said...

Chill out Chipster! ;)

Big Chip Dale said...

Memes, memes, memes... Gotta do memes. Memes. Mems. Memes.

What are my favourite crips? Favourite capital city? Inside leg measurement? Outside leg measurement?

Memes. Mems. Gordon Brown. Memes.


Gotta do memes.

Andrew said...

I admit to being in ignorance as to the reality that is a meme, and possibly fearful of becoming informed as to the reality that is a meme.

Mopsa said...

Blimey chippy - you are just SO demanding.

Jan Tregeagle said...

Really that worried about the Chinese?

Big Chip Dale said...

Andrew, these memes are what we bloggers use to annoy each other. Once you've been tagged, it's like carrying a gypsy's curse, the mark of Caine, or just having Edwina leaving comments on your blog. Which I've been meaning to mention to Edwina if she's reading. Go over to Andrew's blog and leave him some messages. He told me he has a thing for you.

Mopsa, what can I say? Guilty as charged. I like to keep you all on you toes. But that's the kind of Chipster, I am. Always looking out for others, helping them fill their blogs with fun activities. I'm like one of those slightly retarded red coats as Butlins. Now, in a loud voice: ARE WE ALL HAVING A GOOD TIME?

And Jan, of course I'm concerned by the Chinese. Who isn't? Unless, of course, you haven't got sources inside the Romanian government who feed you all the information about the real state of the world. Of course, they also tell me information about the state of the Romanian pickle industry, which isn't half as interesting but I still worry about that too.

Delicolor said...

Salt & Vinegar.