Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Baroque in Hackney

Today’s the day I’m covering for Ms. Baroque while our good friend undergoes the extraction of her gall bladder. So, if you’re still in the mood for the long rambling nonsense you usually find here, then you’ll find it over there. Of course, I send her my love and Gabby's love too and wish her well in her recuperation.

To be honest, I feel a bit like a vandal, ruining somebody's blog by posting there. Gabby had intended to send Ms. Baroque a gift but I managed to stop my poor confused Romanian before she posted the freshly slaughtered chicken in the mail. She has some odd ideas of what a 'get well' present looks like.

1 comment:

Ms Baroque said...

Chip, what can I say. All this public outpouring is so touching, I'm sure it will help me recuperate!

Gabby's gift was meant with a good heart. Now, if she could learn to clean and cook that chicken andturn it into a lovely chicken soup, she'd be onto something!