Monday, June 11, 2007

Mistakes One and Two

I made two mistakes this morning. The first was posting my review of Rambo 2 in the mistaken belief that I’d be heading to London to meet the people at the British Thong Society. I now discover that my inauguration is tomorrow.

My second mistake was posting the review without reminding you to keep voting for me in the Blog Power awards. And I mean keep voting. According to James who has organised the awards and appears to be winning in every category, the polls allows us to submit another vote after a few hours. So, with only two or three people behind me, I reckon I can have well over 100 votes before Wednesday's deadline.

I think this is a perfect example of how democracy should work. Those who really feel strongly about the outcome will put more effort into voting, and they should win. I always say my vote is worth more than that of unthinking men and women but this is one of the few occasions when I get to prove it.


james higham said...

...According to James who has organised the awards and appears to be winning in every category...

It's a great worry to me too and so I'm announcing here, before I do it on my site, that I'm not going to accept any first prize.

Later today I'm going to disqualify myself.

James has been investigating the rather curious increase in James's votes and has come to the conclusion that it is ... curious.

Big Chip Dale said...

Oh, James, now you're just making me feel like a ungrateful loser instead of being playful, which is my nature. I'm delighted to have come second to you. As I'm delighted to have been nominated in the wordsmith category. Accept all your first places with no qualms.

The whole thing about these kinds of awards, purely from a mathematical point of view, is how to judge them fairly. You organised them so it's only natural that you're readership will make up a good number of the voters. There's nothing wrong with this, just as other big bloggers will bring a larger portion of voters than a small guy (though not anatomically, I should add) such as myself could ever bring.

So, enjoy your acclaim. You deserve it for being one of the web's good guys.