Friday, August 31, 2007

Walrus Clogs

I've created my new blog ('Walrus Clogs' on account of all the good names having been taken around 2001 and never updated since)* which I've linked in my sidebar. I'm out of the house today so I won't have chance to do anything with it or add those of you who've shown an interest in reading it. I'll see if I can get working on it over the weekend.

Many thanks for those of you who've shown an interest. It should be interesting. I have to now go and catch a train in the rain.

* Why don't Blogger filter out these blogs that have a singe 'testing' post and haven't been used in six years? That way we might be able to get some decent blog titles.


Mr Blister said...

Where do I find Walrus Clogs?

Not a phrase You here in Clarkes very often

Chin chin

Montegue Blister

Realpolitik said...

I know what you mean. You don't know how annoyed I am that was clearly bagged by a schoolchild in 2002 who didn't get passed the second post (the first one is, indeed, "testing") forcing me to suffix the "69" to my domain.

I chose that because it is the year I was born. I realised afterwards that it does have a more saucy connotation.