Wednesday, August 15, 2007


To distract you from my post about my neighbour's daughter's pregnancy (below), I thought I'd give you something from the world's second greatest Welshman, John Cale, singing a song by the world's greatest Canadian.

I dedicate this to the delightful lady from Sony's Indian call centre who has just agreed to replace the power supply on my laptop and get it here by Friday.

It has been a morning of good things. Hallelujah!


Dick Madeley said...

Oy Dale! Can you ask people to stop mentioning your name when they come to my blog? I'm getting pretty sick of hearing about you. It's bad enough that people think I'm you (I'm not, as you damn well know) but I find it mildly offputting that your buttocks are continually mentioned.

rilly super said...

Hmm, John Cale looks suspiciously like Gary Oldman in 'fifth element' in that clip