Friday, August 03, 2007

It Gets Worse


You might know about my aversion to daffodils but did I also mention gingerbread?

We've landed in Grasmere, which Gabby now informs me is where we're staying. The hotel is fine -- with an internet connection -- but I've already seen lots of water, rocks, a few daffodils, and the Grasmere Gingerbread shop.

Won't somebody please help me?


Mopsa said...

Get a grip, Chip! It's healthy and good for the muscles (if you stay away from Windscale/Sellafield). Think of the six pack development. Think of your audiences. Pack some oil and off you trot.

ElizaF said...

Apparantly the lakes had the effect of making B. Potter see wrabbits wiv' little bloooo coats on them. Has the nice Chip Dale seen any cute bunny-woonies then?
(evil grin)

Big Chip Dale said...

I'm back in the hotel because it's now raining. Gabby is still out, walking with some friends she's made. And I'm looking at ways of using a teasmade to brew hot water for a packet soup.

Mopsa, I can't stand it anymore. There are people here who wear pac-a-macs! And the only six-pack development I see are six-packs of broth. I want to go home.

No, Eliza. I haven't seen any cute bunny-woonies. Neither have I seen any teeny weeny pixies nor ickle faries. I've seen butt ugly ramblers who think that Gabby is wonderful company and have already invited us to a fell walk tomorrow. I'm out of my depth.

Ms Baroque said...

Funny - I've got some Dutch gingerbread here, with big pieces of ginger in it.

rilly super said...

easy on the gingerbread old chap. hazel blears was brunette until she visited grasmere