Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Prune Juice

I’ve been getting grief from that cheeky bugger Richard Madeley who left a comment in my last post asking me (or, rather, telling me) to stop you, my dear readers, from mentioning my name when you visit his blog. It seems that it’s happened on more than one occasion and he’s getting tired of reading about my buttocks.

At first, I was shocked that any of you would lack the sense to visit his poxy blog, but then I thought about it and realised: why not? If Madeley feels threatened, then it's probably because he has neither the fame nor fortune to compete with the top male stripper in Wales. So, in the name of good bloggerly relations, I’m going to ask you to go visit his blog and not to mention my name. Instead, when you feel the urge, I’d like you to make lots of references to ‘prune juice’. I don’t want you to go looking for reasons to mention prune juice. Just mention ‘prune juice’ apropos of nothing. I’ll set the ball rolling and I hope he’ll soon learn that he can't bully those of us who believe in a free blogosphere.

If Madeley wants a blog war then I’m just the man in a thong to give him one.


Dick Madeley said...

Chip, your prune juice offensive was a rash move. I suggest you call it to a halt before somebody gets hurt. I'll give you until 6pm to bring it to an end or I'll launch wave after wave of 'taffy pulling' references on your blog.

Big Chip Dale said...

Bring it on Madeley.

Dick Madeley said...

I will bring it on.

The thinker said...

Boys - Boys!
I'm not sure what a 'taffy' is but I'm not sure it should be pulled.So don't whatever you do - 'bring it on'. I had a sheltered upbringing - so spare my blushes.