Tuesday, August 21, 2007

That Lovely Jamie Oliver

I'm deliriously happy because I've heard that Jamie Oliver is to be turned into a cartoon. A fan, such as myself, can hardly wait to see the finished product. Just to hear his lisping chirpy Cockney chatter gives me pleasures you can't begin to imagine. I love the dishes he makes but, more importantly, I love the way he makes them. With those quick winks to camera and the way he tosses his garnish, it’s easy to see why he’s the nation’s move loved chef.

Gabby doesn’t agree. She thinks he’s an insincere creep, ambitious as hell, who is part of the endless celebritisation of this country and its culture. Long into the night we’ve argued about his laddish behaviour. I say it’s natural ebullience. Gabby just thinks it’s a sickening example of how marketing and a gift for self-promotion can get you further in the world than personality or talent.

Well, this is my blog and I say good luck to the lad. We could do with more Jamie Oliver’s in this country. We're so much better because of him.

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