Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wales From The Air

Spent my Sunday high above Wales. In my time away from the public eye, The Chipster has got himself a pilot’s license. There’s nothing I love more than getting away from the world and flying my little two-seater naked above the hills and valleys.

Did I mention I get naked? That’s because I’m the only fully licensed nude pilot in the UK. Well, there are a few that work for Ryanair but that’s not so much a choice as the cheap bastards not paying for uniforms.

And as I was soaring above Wales, looking into England, I realised how lucky we are on this side of the border. Exotic dancing hasn’t got the same sleazy reputation as it does in England. Here you can be whatever you want to be. Did you know that Plaid Cymru was the first political party to have a position on thongs? Not that I’m one of those Welsh Nationists, you understand. The Chipster is liberal with a capital L.

I vote Lib Dem at every election and do the occasional fundraiser for the party here in Bangor. I once did my cowboy routine with my six shooters blazing and I ended the routine by whipping off my leather pants and showing everybody I had a picture of Charles Kennedy on one cheek and Paddy Ashdown on the other. They loved it. But that’s Lib Dems for you: they love a good exotic dance so long as the body oil is organically grown and fair trade.

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