Friday, January 19, 2007

A BBC Thong Contest

The Chipster has been back in London today for an audition at the BBC. They needed somebody to play ‘Well-greased Male Stripper 2’ and you’d guess that they thought the Wales’s top exotic dancer was just about perfect for the part. Unfortunately, my audition didn’t go too well when they asked me to read some words off a sheet of paper. I told them I didn’t do that sort of thing. That’s when they asked me what exactly I did do so I showed them by whipping off my thong. And they say that the BBC is liberal!

As the security guards escorted me out of the building, I bumped into David Puttnam. I shouted to him, ‘Oy! David Puttnam, producer of such films as Chariots of Fire and Midnight Express, you haven’t got any good film roles for a man with the country’s biggest collection of thongs? How about a new version of Tarzan? I’ll provide all my own body oil.’

He gave me a wave and walked off chuckling. I like David. One of life’s real colourful characters but if you see hear that he’s about to produce a new film about the King of the Jungle, you remember who gave him the idea.

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