Monday, January 22, 2007

Big Brother: A Welsh View

Friends, I want to talk about something very serious for a moment. There are times when a man has to put his love for thongs and nubile Romanian chicks to one side. I want to talk about racism.

As a seriously well-endowed Welsh Liberal Democrat male stripper, I’ve had to put up with so much ridicule and bullying in my life that to tell you all my troubles would make you wonder how I’ve managed to survive to the ripe old age of 23. I’m proud of my nationality and I know that those who wish to condemn me for that or my lifestyle are narrow minded bigots. They know nothing of the great nation of Wales and even less about the honour to be found in the world of exotic dancing.

What most perturbs me the most is the display of petty racism that’s marked this series of Celebrity Big Brother. It is a reminder that not all of us live in the same tolerant nation that allows me to bring in over forty grand a year just from what the ladies stuff down my pouch every evening.

As much as we might condemn such displays of ignorance, the issue goes to the heart of this nation. We are rightly appalled to see grown adults behaving like schoolyard bullies, yet our own government controls the media with the same spiteful ways. To stifle dissent they manhandle their own party supporters out of conference halls. They browbeat journalists who dare question the government’s credentials. If we are to judge from the behaviour of the female contestants of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, we have the government that this nation deserves.

The Chipster says: there is no place for racism in this country and, if people don’t like it, well they can just bloody-well bugger off to where they came from.

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mo said...

it's been too much in the news, front page for the last few days.

There's more important things going on in the world.