Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Girl

Since I’ve been away, I’ve been fully oiled up by my old friend Cupid. That’s right: the Chipster has found love!

This is a picture of my girlfriend and, before you ask, I know she isn’t from Bangor. In fact she’s Hungarian, or Romanian, or Estonian. I can’t remember which but she’s a really lovely chick and just a little bit cheeky. I met her at my local chiropractors where I was having my back treated. She’s thrown her hip out doing the hokey cokey so we immediately clicked. Quite literally, our bones were just clicking and cracking. We laughed ourselves silly at the noises and that’s when the Chipster realised he was in love.

She was also really cool about my professional life. She doesn’t mind my going out to work every night, wiggling my hips and occasionally flashing my wang. That’s the kind of open-minded girl she is.

We’ve done an interview with the Bangor Gleaner and I hope we’ll be doing some TV together soon. Can’t say too much about it but the BBC is doing a programme about unusual relationships in Wales. So far it’s a choice between the two of us or a man from Swansea who lives with a swan.

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