Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Bangor Norse God Is Back

Hey there fellow greasy hipped slicksters! Chippy Dale here and welcoming you to my new look website.

So, you might have been wondering what I’ve been doing since I disappeared last year, well sorry for the lack of updates. You might have read in the papers that I injured my back at a hen night. It was all my fault and I looked a bloody fool! Chippy Dale just can’t say no when a big chick wants lifting above my head! Compound fracture but everything is okay now but I’m only begun to wiggle my hips in the last couple of weeks.

But now the Big Chip’s back!!!

Hope you like the new look website. I paid a good friend of mine here in Bangor to fix me up with a blog of my own and here I am. To be honest I wanted more images of my naked torso but as Lewis says, why let them see the goods when we want them to pay for the privilege. Can I recommend Lewis to you. If you need a website building, Lewis Davis is your man.

I’ll be down in Bangor town centre tonight. See me live at the Green Dragon tavern where it’s ladies night! Everybody’s welcome and you can see my new routine involving tubes of toothpaste! I'm not going to give the game away but I get just a little fresh with the ladies!

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