Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do I Use The Word 'Thong' Too Much?

I was talking to my FRIEND, Iain Dale, just the other day, asking him if he thought I used the word ‘thong’ too much in my everyday speech. Iain paused a moment and said, as quick as a flash because he's smart like that, that he thought… Oh, well, perhaps I shouldn’t tell tales of FRIENDS. You know… those people who don’t intend to sue a man for every thong he owns.

You can tell that the Chipster is in fine fettle this morning and Bangor has never looked more lovely. I’m sitting typing in nothing but my favourite pair of T Backs while Gabby’s gone off to London to buy herself a new voice box. She’s so precious but what else could I do for my little Romanian petal? I'm being a bit too generous, perhaps, but freedom feels so bloody good when you know you won’t have to flee to Romania chased by the Tory blogosphere.

Many thanks for the many emails of support I’ve received. It took me all of five minutes responding to both of them last night. It’s good to know that there are so many secret thong wearers out there. The Chipster has had to enable comment moderation though. It’s my blog and it’s my right to delete comments when they don’t fit with my policy. If you want to talk about underpants, jockey shorts, or god forbid, boxers, then go elsewhere. I recommend Bloggerheads or Guido. And if you could all see some sense and vote Lib Dem, then the Chipster would be most grateful. Remember: it’s the only party with truly progressive policies such as free body oil on the NHS.

Now that I feel reborn, I know I should say something about contemporary politics and the heady world of Westminster. Unfortunately, the batteries running low on my laptop and I’ve still to read the morning papers.

More later, my string gusseted brethren.

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