Monday, October 22, 2007

Brief Update

Time for a brief update: I’m not wearing any…

So sorry about that. Terrible, I know, but I couldn’t resist a bad underwear joke to get the week started on a low hung note. I’m not intending to post much right now. I’m doing this partly out of spite, since my drunken piece of the weekend was greeted with such universal mockery. I’ve decided to be much more careful about the words I choose to make public. That’s why, today, I’m going to finish writing the last part of Chapter 1 of Thonglateer Extraordinaire, which I hope to post later today or tomorrow for any of you who have been following the life story of The Chipster. Chapters 2 and 3 are already written in note form, including my African odyssey, but just require me to sit down and give them some meat, if you’ll excuse the image.

My hope is to get the book finished for next year's Booker Prize. I figure that since they’ve chosen this year to reward a book which, to paraphrase the words of P.G. Wodehouse, you wouldn’t confuse with a ray of sunshine, next year they’ll probably award it to a book which makes you feel better about life. And what book can do that better than the Chip Dale story, full as is it about a young man's adventures as he becomes the most famous thong wearing Welshman?

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Randal Rogers (I. Ronin) said...

Get that book done now young man!! The Booker Prize committee needs to do something about their reputation for depressing reads and yours will be just what the doctor ordered (either that, or massive doses of Prozac or Zoloft for the individual members).

And who mocked your well-lubricated words, BTW? I didn't see any mocking in my rambles (then again, I don't make a habit of revisiting train wrecks ;-). I would like to meet the stone throwers, however, as it appears that they are unique in our world, being utterly sinless and all. No doubt they also live in well-fortified windowless castles, lest anyone be tempted to shatter their glass (or illusions).