Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thonging On...

I’ll be away from home today but if any of you read this blog with the intention of trying to steal Wales’ largest thong collection, you needn’t bother... I’m leaving the flat fully armed with a detachment of Romanian girlfriend standing behind the door with a bread knife. You have been warned.

In order to cheer myself up after yesterday’s funeral, I’ll be spending the afternoon in a bookshop. So, if you see a sad figure sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop and reading a book, then it might well be me.

The service was lovely. We had tributes from a few of Larry’s fans and having been reminded of Thom Gunn’s poetry yesterday by Ms. Baroque, I read these lines which seemed relevant to the moment.

Deeper into damper ground
Till the granules work their way
Down to unseen streams, and bound
Briskly into to water’s play

May you lastly reach the shore,
Joining tide without intent,
Only worried any more
By the currents’ argument.

It gives me great comfort to think of old Larry dancing on the waves like he’s in some great cosmic spin cycle. He was a good thong but I’m sure other thongs will soon fill the void he’s left behind him. I have a nice yellow thong that I’m thinking of promoting…

We’ll speak later…


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Thing a thong of Thixpence.........

Daily Referendum said...
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Daily Referendum said...

Larry spun around

Wallnut box deep in the ground

Sleeping safe and sound