Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Larry RIPped

A bit of a disaster at Chipster Central and some sad news too.

Yesterday, our washing machine broke down. The engineer has been this morning and diagnosed the problem. He found Larry twisted, dead, and ruined at the back of the drum. He must have found his way there during a spin cycle and the poor little fellow couldn’t escape. It’s a sad loss.

Larry, should you not remember, was my favourite thong. He’s been with me years and has seen many a sight that would make a honest man blush with shame. It’s a terrible loss so I hope you’ll understand if my spirits are a bit low today. I'll post something more upbeat later in the day when my spirits have recovered.

In addition to having to attend Larry’s funeral later today (we’re planting him in an old walnut jewelry case in the communal garden) I’m also preoccupied by a visit from the BT engineer. We’re having our phone lines changed over to BT so those of you with my number, don’t try to call me until you’ve emailed me and got the new number.

Poor Larry. He never lived to see a Lib Dem government, the first thong on Mars, or even Gabby’s performance on Eurovision (it’s bound to happen). It's also sad that he didn't go, as I'd always hoped I'd see him go: while I had a smile on my face.

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