Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Bunday Times

I'd like to make it clear to everyone that the Chipster's buns are not pictured on page 46 of today's Sunday Times magazine (below). Great GranPapaPat is to be thanked for warning me about this potential confusion.

I'm now contacting my many sources inside the Welsh stripping community to see if we can identify this mysterious thongman. It's our sworn duty to protect such amateurs from themselves. No respected stripper would every be so bold as to stand on a table white attempting the asymmetrical hip gyration. And I can tell you that the position of his right leg is dangerously wrong. Such blatant disregard for stripping theory increases the chances of his developing serious hip injury later in his career.

I'd also like to apologise for not posting a thing yesterday. I fell asleep in the garden and what time I spent awake, I used to write out a full and proper account of my cousin's visit. I'll post it when it's done, possibly later today.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Do male strippers get erections when they perform? It must be a let down for the women if they don't.

Realpolitik said...

Better get the Health and Safety on to that one.

Although since it was 1994 it is probably too late by now.

Chip Dale said...

Mr. Bananas: the same might be asked of gorillas. However, I can inform you that it's against every rule of professional stripping.

Realpolitik: Health & Safety was my immediate thought too. One of Wales' top exotic dancers ended his career when he fell of a table and had his manhood severed on a pint of Babycham. Luckily, he managed to fall onto a opened packet of salt & vinegar crisps which prevented any infection setting in, though he said that that the pain was unbearable.

Ms Baroque said...

Oh, thank God! I was beginning to think this cousin was a figment of your imagination.