Monday, February 12, 2007

Is This Blog War The New Stripping War?

I have a great feeling today and it’s all thong.

Wow! The tablets really worked last night. I’m feeling more like myself today. Funny how the sickness took me to places I’ve never been before. And I’ve had a hankering for classical music that just wasn’t right, so today I’ve put on the Rolling Stones and I’ve got back to practising my full catalogue of stripping routines. I’ve just finished a five minute warm up which ended with my sending my underwear flying fifteen feet across the room and coming to rest exactly where I’d aimed, hanging from my UK Stripper of the Year award

Not that I think that everything had happened over the weekend was lamentable. I mean, I wrote something. I discovered something. And for a while on Saturday night I thought I was a giant cactus baking in the Arizona desert. But for that we can just blame a bad reaction to the antibiotics.

And doesn't the world seems a better place this morning? I was happy to read that my namesake has issued a plea for the blogging war to come to an end. It’s about time that we come together as a community of bloggers and stop this senseless war.

It resembles to my own disagreement with Tom ‘Greasy Whiplash’ Iceland when he accused me of lying when I denied calling him a ‘nude nihilist’. I didn’t even know the meaning of the word but his accusations still came thick and fast. Then he started on Gary ‘Wierdo’ Forks, revealing the poor man had had buttock implants during his time at university. The whole thing grew terribly out of proportion (much like Wierdo's buttocks after the implants) and soon North Wales' stripping community was fighting among itself and became something of a laughing stock.

As you know, The Chipster is a man of peace and hates to see grown men quibble over things as trivial as politics or who first came up with the idea of dangling a handbag from between his clenched buttocks. The world is simply packed with too many good things, and with so many ladies to please with our gyrations, there’s more than enough room in the world for Chip Dale, Tom Iceland, and Gary Forks.


Trixy said...

Maybe a nude mud wrestling competition would sort it all out?

Chippy said...

Funny you should say that. That's exactly how the Stripping War was brought to an end.

Do you know the bloggers in question? Would they be willing to sort out their differences in this most noble and honourable way? I'd he happy to act as a referee.

Anonymous said...

Up to form now are we ,fraid the war is a serious bit of mischief ,from what I can read, Iv'e followed all the trails for a while,and I am getting most upset I enjoy reading text from anybody ,even throwing your thongs at them may not help.
Remember my university thoughts ,well I may be right, nice to hear you are up and about ,but keep your head down ,who sings "there may be trouble ahead"

Chippy said...

Yes, Anonymous, I'm up and about and trying to catch up with my posts. Serious mischief is the right way to look at it. I'm eager to see how it will develop, but perhaps I'm just a wee bit mischievous too!