Thursday, February 22, 2007


Life has a way of robbing The Chipster of every last penny. I’m about to nip out to buy myself some new luggage for the trip when I used to have a perfectly fine set of suitcases on top of my cupboard.

I’ll be honest with you and admit that I’m beginning to have some reservations about this whole trip. I never expected it to cost so much and another hundred spent on luggage was the last thing I needed. Unfortunately, my old suitcases are in a terrible state. I discovered that my little Romanian barfly has been using them to hoard vegetables ready for the winter. As they say, you can take the girl out of Romania but you can’t take Romania out of the girl.

I’ll be leaving early tomorrow, so hope to be updating you sometime over the weekend. I’ve made sure my hotel has wireless internet access so I’ll be able to give you some first hand account of my time at the convention. I don’t know if I mentioned this but I managed to perfect a Neil Kinnock routine and it’s pretty impressive. I showed it to a few people last night and they swore that Neil Kinnock was stripping on stage for them. I think if I can convince a few real Welsh ladies, it will be even easier to convince the convention judges. Wish me luck!

Right. Gabby’s standing by the door chewing on a raw radish. The poor thing just won’t let food go to waste.


Trixy said...

Give Kinnock your dodgy thongs!

Anonymous said...

Chipster what about my withdrawl symtoms, when you dont leave me any stories to read, I never had a withdrawl before, will it hurt ,will my bank account take a hit, Iam very worried you know.

Enjoy, can you bring me back some rock ?

Chippy said...

Trixy, when I get back, Kinnock can have all these thongs. I don't think they're going to last being in all these air conditioned rooms.

Anonymous, I'm here for you. I went down the lobby and asked about buying some rock. They directed me to a rather criminal looking character down the block. I think he had a gun and kept asking me if I was 'narced'. I told him I was in a very good mood and just wanted some rock. Anyway, the 'rock' doesn't come in sticks and doesn't even have anything written on it. In fact, it's nothing like our rock but is more like a fine white crystal in a small plastic bag. Cost me a fortune. When I get back, you can send me your address and I'll have it delivered to you. I doubt if it'll taste that nice. It certainly doesn't smell very minty.

Anonymous said...

Being innocent to this sort of thing doesn't help ,I realised when I reread it, that it could go two ways ,my simple thought was Blackpool type rock :-)