Sunday, February 25, 2007

Science Magic

I’ve seen the future and it’s all about the science.

Technology is changing the world of exotic dancing. What with holographic projection, heat sensitive materials, environmentally friendly body oils, and high quality props… The list is endless when it comes to the advances that have been made by this very open society. Forget your right wing fundamentalist Christians. I’ve only met people after my own heart. People who live to get naked.

I spent yesterday looking around the conference centre, touring all the exhibits and discovering the latest products to help those of us in ‘body entertainment’ as I’ve discovered my profession is now called. I hope to take some of it back to Bangor with me. America is full of such wonders. Not the least of which goes by the name TTT, or thermal thong technology. This is underwear that glows as it becomes warm. Another of the products that caught my eye are clothes that react to the temperature of the wearer’s body and eventually become transparent. What’s so great about them is that it reduces the amount of work we have to do. Once we get warm enough, our clothes disappear. I’ve already decided that I’d like to be the first person to combine the two. Can you imagine that for an act?

As it is, today I’m limited to my ginger wig and pinstriped suit. Later today I’ll be performing my Kinnock routine in the main theatre. I have to get to get ready but I can assure you that The Chipster is very nervous.

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GreatGranPapaPat said...

Congratulations ! The Big One at last...
When the going gets tough and the Neil routine seems to be coming apart at the seams, just remember Frank's favourite: 'Thongs for Thwinging Loverth' and give 'em Hell...
Rock On Chipster !