Saturday, February 03, 2007

Late Update

It’s 3AM and I’ve just got in. It’s been a long day so this will be a short update.

Had a day visiting relatives, which is far more exciting than you can ever know. They think I work as an accountant at a big form of solicitors here in Bangor. I’ve had to spend the whole day trying to steer the conversation away from high finance which they seem to think I’d find interesting. I haven’t the heart to tell them that I wouldn’t know the profit column from a debit column. I could have made a filthy allusion there but I don’t like to play to type, especially when I’m on the wrong side of 3AM.

I’m now off to bed.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Did you sleep well. What happened to Bangor today in the Welsh league?

Chippy said...

The Chipster rates his sleep as A1. And it was a 4-1 victory to the mighty Bangor yesterday. Couldn't be better. I see Margate's match ended 4-4. You wrote an excellent match report, JJ.