Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Other Type of Thanksgiving

We men of the thong get asked to do many odd things by apparently normal people. Occasionally we get asked to do very ordinary things by some very odd people. I don’t know which category this falls into but a hit on my statistics attracted my attention. I wish I hadn’t clicked on it and I warn you about clicking on it too. It seems that the old Chipster isn’t good enough for some ladies, who have examined the packaging and moved on.

Wake up ladies! Smell the pineapple! You don’t know what you’re missing. Wales’ top male stripper is at your service.


Dovid said...

Chip,why are you moaning about not getting enough attention from the ladies? Is'nt being fought over by Gabby & Trixie enough girl on girl action for you for one week?

rilly super said...

chip, I wouldn't worry about what the kind of people who say 'totally' think about anything

Big Chip Dale said...

Dovid, I'm not moaning. I just find it odd being discussed on an American forum as though I'm just a piece of meat. It's degrading.

Rilly, you're right of course. I sometimes wonder what they want in a man if they can reject The Chipster.

Dovid said...

sorry to hear the yanks have been treating you like a turkey Chip. F*ck their thanksgiving.