Saturday, November 17, 2007

News From A Sagging Thong

Where is everyone? The blogosphere seems subdued, as if it’s gone into one of those occasional periods of hibernation. Or perhaps that’s what’s called the pathetic fallacy when the truth is that I wasn’t going to blog today. To be honest, I wasn’t going to blog for while.

As you can probably tell by my rather mediocre week’s work, my heart hasn’t been in it. I’m lacking my usual slightly crazed enthusiasm to write. Deflated, withdrawn, reduced to browsing other blogs, I’m aware that energy here doesn’t go into more profitable industry. I have three novels in different stages of completion, and ideas for others that I won’t start until the other three are complete. Every 1000 words I write here are a 1000 words I don’t write there. I think I need to break away from the blogs, for just a few days, refresh myself and come back with new enthusiasm to be usual foolish self.


jaypar said...

hello im here

elberry said...

Quiescence often is the necessary preparation for activity, especially if the activity to come is to be quite different to what has been (like putting a car in neutral by pushing the pedal down before you change gears)

Daily Referendum said...

Hello Chip,

I've been considering a break too.
There has been a definite slump in the blog world in the last two weeks. No idea why.