Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Limp Chip

A heavy schedule of live performances has left me worn out and don’t know if I have it in me to write much this weekend. Today I slept until noon, a whole eleven hours, after sleeping about as much yesterday. The long run up to Christmas is the busiest time for any man of the thong and the Chipster is busier than any. Monday night I was at the Rhyl Social Club, Tuesday back to Bangor for the Green Dragon Tavern. On Wednesday I danced at the Pink Flamingo, Thursday was the Duke of York pub in Holyhead, and last night I was back for my usual gig at the Green Dragon. If I include the proof reading I struggled through at the beginning of the week, I begin to see that I’ve barely had a moment’s rest. So, if I go silent until Monday, you know why.

If anybody is thinking of hiring me to dance, you should get your offers in early. I've got very few open slots (oh, please!) between now and the New Year. This year there will be an added incentive. With every strip I'll be including a free poetry reading of a selection from Auden, Stevens, and Yeats while oiling my buttocks with pineapple oil.

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Sir James Badger said...

Free poetry reading - now that's lovely.