Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tueday's Plans

Dull news and good news.

First, the dull news.

There are times in life when you just have to cast aside your thong and go with the flow. Today was one of those days. The schools have broken up for a week so the Chipster's normal routine has been invaded by prepubescents crying about who is a 'smelly head' and what so-and-so's brother will do when he gets back from the off license. It was a nightmare and it go no better when Gabby shouted told them to clear off and they called her something obscene involving vinegar. That prompted Monica to wave her commando dagger in their general direction. Then there was screaming, calls to the police, a slight standoff involving police with guns...

The point is: I'm not putting up with it any longer.

Tuesday is my day of Further Education and this week we're reading King Lear. I won't be back until mid-afternoon so don't expect to see my thong around here before then.

Which leads me to the good news...

Since I've not had much chance to post over the last few days, I've decided to share some of the burden this week. I had thought about asking another of my stripping colleagues to help but... Well, to be honest, there's no way they could compete with me. If they can't beat me on stage, they can't beat me on the page. And that's why I've asked Gabby to post something.

I've managed to talk her out of writing about potatoes and she's agreed to act as a counciller to any of you with problems. Consider her an agony aunt, with the emphasis on the agony. If any of you have problems, email me or leave them in the comments. Gabby will get back and give you some Romanian advice. I hesitate to say 'good' advice, but it will be advice. And if you have any questions about knives, Monica's agreed to help too.


Jan Tregeagle said...

Ah King Lear. I hope you'll use that as an excuse to watch "Ran".

Big Chip Dale said...

Ah, Jan, 'Ran' is a great film but I find the three sombre Kurosawa films less enjoyable than I'd hopes -- 'Rashomon', 'Ran', 'Thone of Blood' -- and the one's I didn't expect to be great are my favourites. 'Red Beard' is fantastic, as are 'The Hidden Fortress' and 'The Seven Samurai'.