Monday, September 17, 2007

A Week in Films

Perhaps because I've been so busy writing for much of the week, I've been overdosing on movies at night. Here is my last seven days in films, both on video and cinema. And yes, it does mean I have watched more than one in a day. I have to suffer Gabby's love of horror films before she goes to bed and then I relax with something more uplifting.

The Simpsons Movie – A terrible shame. A few laughs but a film that didn’t live up to the hype. And why no Mr. Burns?
The Dark – a not too bad Welsh horror film if you’re in the mood for not too bad Welsh horror films.
Black Sheep – an independent New Zealand horror film about zombie sheep but a good premise is let down by a not particularly funny script. How can you miss with Zombie sheep?
Death Proof – tedious, tedious, tedious… until the end when cars with big engines get to do their thing. Kurt Russell looks great with the scar but when will Quentin realise that two groups of women sitting around talking for an hour is not storytelling?
The Cowboys – which *is* storytelling as John Wayne teaches young cowboys how to be a man and proves his point by taking a great beating by the cowardly Bruce Dern.
Green is for Danger – fantastic whodunnit with the equally fantastic Alastair Sim.
Wind Chill – understated but intellgient ghost story about couple trapped in a storm.
The Reaping – another damn horror movie but not too shabby if only because of the delectable Hilary Swank for whom the Chipster declares his undying love.
Red Dawn – John Milius fable about a group of teenagers caught in occupied America after the Russians and Cubans invade, made even finer by the much under-rated Powers Boothe.
Big Nothing – Very smart small film with a wonderfuly line in black humour.


Momentary Academic said...

Wow. You should become a film reviewer. That would be excellent.

Internet Ronin said...

I agree with MA. Wonderfully brief and pointed.

Big Chip Dale said...

Thanks MA, Ronin. I'll be sure to make it a regular thing. I watch so many movies in a week, yet I never think of reviewing them.