Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sponge Eyebrows

Now let this be an end of the matter. I have more important things to be doing over the next few days than bothering Gabby to take a picture of me wearing my sponge eyebrows.


Ms Baroque said...

Chippy, they're even more beautiful than I'd dared hope!

Big Chip Dale said...

Ms. Baroque, I'm so relieved you like them. I really really wanted you to like them.

Gabby tells me that she thinks they take years off me.

Ms Baroque said...

Well, they take something off you all right. I do love them, Chip, and you are very resourceful - but sometimes I think you shouldn't believe everything Gabby says. In this case I think she might mean they make you look like a kid who got carried away in cutting-&-sticking.