Thursday, July 12, 2007

I've Gone Again...

Yes, I've gone quiet again. I’m suffering one of my occasional periods when I begin to feel utterly fed up. Even thongs bring me no joy of days like this. It’s not helped by being a rainy day here in Bangor. My email inbox was full of nothing but SPAM. The government is messing around with education again. Little Britain hits the US (talentless ****s). Yves Saint Laurent in hospital. Somebody wants to kill a sacred cow. And some idiot has complained about the Tintin books and wants them banned from our shops.

Also adding to my generally under-the-clouds/down-in-the-dumps feeling is one of absolute inadequacy in that I’ve spent two days writing a test 3000 words of a new novel idea. It’s written in the third person, will need plenty of historical research, and will have multiple viewpoints. Is it good? It could well be. Ambitious? For me, it is. Will it succeed? Probably not. But writing something different, exercised a different part of my brain. It makes me feel better but still not enough to cheered me up.

If only it wasn't so dark...


Mopsa said...

I think we are all suffering from the November glums - 4 months early because of the piss awful weather. I want my summer and I want it NOW!

thongs for the memory said...

Another flippin depressed wanabe writer,wake up and get on with what you want to do and stop sounding like an old tart.

Ms Baroque said...

Chippy, don't be too hard on yourself! Are you seriously saying you just spent the last two days writing 3,000 words of a new idea?? Right after your novel-finishing bender of the past few weeks???

You're not depressed, sweetie. You're just tired. You should drink some orange juice.

Big Chip Dale said...

Mopsa: yep, it's the rain. It hasn't stopped for a week and I haven't had much chance to go for a walk, which is one way I stay sane. Hopefully, tomorrow will be brighter.

Thongs: You're so right but I occasionally do get into old tart mode. It's the rain. I hate this weather. I can't walk... I can't go to bookshops.

Ms. Baroque: What can I say? I get easily bored. And sometimes, when I get an idea, I just have to write it to see how it plays out. I might do no writing tomorrow. I might do lots. It's just a mood thing. But I'll definitely drink some orange juice. (Did I mention it might just be the rain?)

Internet Ronin said...

I'm sorry to hear that Chip. I'd say, "Cheer up!," but that never works when people say it to me, so I'll encourage you to write more entries on your blog, get out of the house for a walk, call an olod friend you haven't talked to for ages.

OTOH, I agree with Ms. Baroque: 3,000 words is quite impressive.

Andrew said...

Cheer up, Chip.

Mr Blister said...

Cheer up you miserable bastard! What you need to do is play a strange game and what I recommend is an old Inuit game called Ac Sa Raq , also known as the 'Thong Game'. Below is a description, verbatim,from "Actice Inside the Igloo" by Lenore Lindeman.
Ac Sa Raq (Thong Game)

a strong leather belt
two short poles
a mat to sit on
Two contestants sit facing one another with their legs straight and their feet up against each other's. Each player gets a pole, and a belt is strung between them. Each player attempts to pull his opponent up off the ground. This game takes a lot of arm strength. Traditionally, the device used for pulling was made of wood, antler, or walrus ivory and the belt was a short thong of leather.

Chin chin!

Montegue Blister

rilly super said...

chin up chip; drink up your orange juice, throw another tintin book on the fire, squirt some WD40 into the laptop and lead the assault up the best seller chart like you were Tim Hanks in 'Saving Private Ryan'!