Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Ample Muse

I noticed today, over at Thought Experiments, that Bryan complains that his muse has finally deserted him. I know the feeling. I lost my muse (and her knife) to the Romanian military when Gabby joined their Afghan campaign. It left me at my lowest point since 2007 when I came back from my back injury after lifting that glandular traffic warden during the foolish ‘Fireman’s hose’ routine (since banned by Bangor Town Council).

This time, the loss of my muse happened when I was far from home. I probably wouldn’t have gone on if I hadn’t had the ladies of the Russian gas pipelines to keep happy during my six month stripping tour of Siberia. I’m not suggesting that this is the solution for all bloggers who find there’s nothing to write about but, if you’re happy to oil yourself up, I see no reason why others shouldn’t follow in my thong steps.

You just have to know that when one muse departs another will take their place. Happily, I’m now on the other side and I’m in that good place I talked about yesterday. My current muse is a 21 year old brassiere model called Kat.

Thong on!


James Higham said...

Chip, Chip! I asked Madeley if you were blogging again and he wouldn't answer me but you are! Well well.

That's all. I have nothing intelligent to add to your fine post.

Anonymous said...

Ready to delete some old url's and what do I get when I return to an old favourite,Chip is back and on form whooo,welcome back Chip's missed your prose.

Big Chip Dale said...

James, I can't explain it other than I'm governed by the seasons of the thong. I'm now settled home in North Wales and may blog some more.

Anonymous, very kind of you to say so but I've never really been away. I hope I can live up to the billing.